Who makes electric go karts?

Nils Schuster asked a question: Who makes electric go karts?
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Lamborghini partners with Segway-Ninebot, unveils new electric go-kart for adults. Segway-Ninebot may have just helped produce the most affordable Lamborghini ever — and the only electric one. Just don't plan on taking it on the highway, since the new Lamborghini electric go-kart is built purely for the track.

This epic-looking 60 mph electric go-kart is headed for production. The Bulgaria-based boutique electric vehicle builder Kinetik Automotive has just unveiled its impressive-looking (and performing!) electric go-kart. The Kinetik electric go-kart uses an entirely 3D-printed body.

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The 10 Best Electric Racing Go-Karts for Adults 1. BSR Racing Kart Pro. The BSR Racing Kart Pro is the best electric racing go-kart for adults due to its speed, build... 2. OTL Storm EFD. One of the most popular rental go-karts on the market is the OTL Storm EFD. If you’ve ever been to an... 3. RiMO ...

OTL is a kart manufacturing company that has been building electric go-karts since 1996. This dedication to the production of technologically innovative karts has made OTL one of the well-respected kart manufacturers from Italy. For all of its racing and rental models, the company puts a lot of focus on quality control.

Shaller, based in Schulenburg, TX, manufactures gas and electric go-carts for concession operators. Their product line includes single and double seaters, kiddie karts, high speed, and reduced speed karts, and karts designed for use on banked and flat courses. Operations began in 1981.

Differential makes steering smooth and natural for skilled and unskilled drivers alike; These aren’t the sluggish, puttering “go carts” that you have experiences at the carnival in the past. Our high performance electric Italian go karts are the fastest in the industry. WHY ELECTRIC INDOOR GO-KARTS?

MotoTec MT-04 Solar Electric Go Kart 24v: 15 miles per hour top speed Two methods of charging Nine-inch pneumatic tires Two hours of riding: 4.5 $$$$$ Actev Arrow Smart-Kart Electric Go: Parents control the ride Geo-fence keeps kids safe Body kits Two electric motors: 4.5 $$$$$ Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart: Easy to assemble Comes with a safety flag Comfortable bucket seats

D&D Motor Systems is the premier go kart electric motor manufacturer in the U.S. for electric go karts. Our electric go kart motors offer higher performance than the pancake motors that are out there. Our electric go kart motor has: higher torque, better thermal capabilities and a competitive price.

Kart1 is the exclusive worldwide distributor of OTL electric go-karts; the most popular electric concession kart in the world. We also distribute Protex Karting barriers, Sakamoto tires, and whatever you may need for your brand-new karting center indoor or outdoor.

Razor is one of the biggest names in youth transportation. From scooters to go-karts, it’s easy to see why they’re one of the best brands to trust. This dune buggy go-kart is the best electric go-kart. It uses two 12 volt batteries to power its powerful 350-watt electric motor.

The Blue Shock Race Franchise Track is the most efficient and smallest e-kart track and its operating system with an optimal investment. The BSR 2.0 e-karts have been designed from the scratch as a specialized solution to achieve the dynamics of sports kart, the advantages of e-kart and above all, there is no need to wait while they are charging.

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