Why are the wheels of racing wheelchairs tipped?

Jessyca Jacobson asked a question: Why are the wheels of racing wheelchairs tipped?
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The slanted wheels are called camber. Camber wheels that propel outwarsd near the ground are negative cambers. Negative camber provides increased wheel track and thus provide better stability. It also provides better cornering while turning the wheelchair around.

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In electrich sportchairs the wheels are slanted to provide more stability in high-speed turns + to prevent the wheels of other wheelchairs lifting the wheel of your own wheelchair in a collision. When slanted the collision-surface is not big enough to lift up the chair.

Wheelchair rugby is a high impact contact sport, so the chairs are designed to deal with smashing into each other! The wheels are very slanted so they can turn easily.

Stanced cars require wheelarch flares or bodykits so the wheels are at least partially covered by bodywork as required by the law of the land and basic human decency. Stanced cars are also usually slammed, which does not refer to the contact of palm against forehead but to the excessive lowering of the vehicle so it is nearer the ground.

This is quite strange since there are substantial differences in the lengths of people buying wheelchairs. Too large or too small rear wheels can lead to various physical symptoms, such as painful hands, arms and shoulders or muscle cramps in the torso. You can often achieve remarkable improvements with a different wheel size.

The main reason why tuned cars have very inclined wheels is because of esthetic reasons. People who have very inclined wheels on their car have it because it looks good. A small amount of incline can improve your car’s cornering performance, but if you have very inclined wheels, it will become worse in every way.

The wheelchair will resist tipping forward when the castors are stopped suddenly by an object they cannot roll over. Less weight on the front wheels will reduce the rolling resistance of the front wheels, allowing the wheelchair to roll more easily. Overall wheelchair length is longer, making it harder to manoeuvre in confined spaces.

Via: assets.newatlas. If the upper part of your tire is angled inwards, it's called negative camber. Increase the angle significantly, and you have a “stanced” car. Stanced cars require body kits to keep the wheels partially covered by bodywork. Also, because of the considerable tilt, stanced cars are usually slammed.

This could lead to you slipping out of the wheelchair and falling. The forward sliding is often due to weakness or self-propulsion. Solution. To prevent sliding forward in the wheelchair, an anti-thrust cushion can be helpful. The back two-thirds are lower while the front one-third is higher making it easier to stay in your seat.

Racing Chairs. Racing wheelchairs are probably the most highly specified wheelchairs sports products. At Draft we have a combined experience of over 30 years experience of specifying racing wheelchairs and also taking part in the sport at the highest level. To make the most of an individual's potential, the athlete's ability needs to be matched ...

If the camber of the chair is excessive, then the top of the wheels may rub against the wheelchair side panels, or against the wheelchair user. That can cause anything from minor dirt stains on clothing to skin irritation. Cambered tyres need special treads to avoid wearing down unevenly.

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