Why do rally cars have 2 people?

Anika Keeling asked a question: Why do rally cars have 2 people?
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A co-driver is the navigator of a rally car in the sport of rallying, who sits in the front passenger seat… The co-driver also tells the driver about any incidents or accidents that may have occurred further ahead in the stage. This role is particularly critical in high-end rally competitions such as WRC.

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Rallying was again slow to get under way after a major war, but the 1950s were the Golden Age of the long-distance road rally. In Europe, the Monte Carlo Rally, the French and Austrian Alpines, and the Liège were joined by a host of new events that quickly established themselves as classics: the Lisbon Rally (Portugal, 1947), the Tulip Rally (the Netherlands, 1949), the Rally to the Midnight ...

The base model did not need to have all the characteristics of the WRC car, as evidenced from cars such the Peugeot 206, 307, Citroën Xsara, and Škoda Fabia, which during this period had no road car variant with a turbocharged petrol engine or four-wheel-drive. One of the requirements was a minimum length of 4000 mm; the standard Peugeot 206 had an overall length of 3835 mm so Peugeot had to produce at least 2500 units featuring extended bumpers to comply with the required dimensions.

Naturally all major rally cars are 4WD nowadays. Not so long ago FIA forced all manufacturers to produce 2500 cars in order to get the necessary homologation so that they could race in the World Rally Championship. This enabled people like myself to get our hands on some of these very special homologation cars.

The Kiwi says: “It doesn’t matter what you want to do in the sport: drive, co-drive, marshal, work as an engineer – your local car club will have somebody to help.

The Group B rally cars, such as the Lancia Delta S4, weren’t banned because of a competitive advantage, but rather because of safety issues. This was a ban that even the most ardent thrill seekers might support. Group B rally cars could push out upwards of 500 horsepower and go well over 100 mph.

Toivonen and Cresto died in their seats. Within hours of the accident the FISA banned Group B cars from competing in the ’87 season. Audi and Ford withdrew immediately, and the remaining ...

This makes them much more consistent and far less subjective, as a result they are a much better fit for the broad spectrum of rally cars that you will be able to drive on our stages. People often describe the 1-6 system by saying that the numbers are the gear you should be in to take the corner but that is not strictly true.

Stage notes, as they're called in the rally world, are a collection of detailed, turn-by-turn directions written so the co-driver can read them on the fly, calling out to the driver what lies ahead.

Colin's SUBARU Impreza S4 Rally and the SUBARU Legacy RS.About the GameDiRT Rally 2.0 dares you to carve your way through a selection of iconic rally locations from across the globe, in the most powerful off-road vehicles ever made, knowing that the smallest mistake could end your stage.You will need to rely on your instincts with the most immersive and truly focused off-road experience yet, including a new authentic handling model, tyre choice and surface degradation.

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