Why does my rear end on go kart rattle?

Donnie Adams asked a question: Why does my rear end on go kart rattle?
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  • The common reason behind any sounds occurring from the rear end of a golf cart is damaged Motor bearings. But it is also for a coach to make noises after a certain period of usage. Well, when a cart gets old, it requires extra care anyway, so let’s get started.

What happens if you don't align your go kart sprockets?

  • An in correct alignment can lead to your go-kart chain falling off or even snapping, causing damage to your go-kart. This can damage your front and rear sprockets, chain, engine. In the worst case scenario it can cause damage to the go-kart driver and others around your go-kart.

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Need to be going about 15mph or over while turning left to produce sound. Sound is similar to a pebble being shaken around in a hard plastic or tin can. Initially thought a pebble was caught behind the plastic hub cap that snaps over the lugs. Not the case, the cover is empty.

Sep 26, 2016. #1. I have a 2008 EZGO RXV electric golf cart and the rear end making noise. When I start or stop I get a noise that sounds like it's coming from the rear end, almost like it is a brake catching and releasing. Note this does not have a separate part of the brake pedal to stop or release. Any help would be appreciated.

As you’ll see, the vibes rattle these puppies loose fast, and even a lot of common solutions, like double nuts and locking washers, barely help to reduce the effect. The point of all this? To give you concrete, visual demonstration that bolts on your bike will rattle loose eventually, so you have to take precautions, such as:

What. Track test to see how the kart performs according to variations in rear track width. How. Test 1: rear track 136 cm. Test 2: rear track 140 cm. Where. At the Adria Karting Raceway in Adria (RO), Italy. Conditions. Well-kept and regualr-surface pavement with good, but not extreme, grip, after the Rok Cup Italia race weekend.

Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 28, 2008. to any of you guys that are goin crazy with a front end rattle and can't find it. this is what happened to me. had a noise in the front end when ever i would go over bumps. i could feel it in the floor. because my torsion bars wee raised i check the shock bushings. replaced them. found that i needed a ...

Trailing Link Steering Alignment: Instructions for Type #1 Tie Rods: Remove the nuts from both rods at the spindle arm. Loosen and move the jam nut away from both rod ends. To make dimension B smaller, screw both rod ends outward 1 or 2 turns. If B needs to be larger, screw the rod ends inward. Tighten both jam nuts tightly against the rod ends.

This is why initially the rattle was gone but as the gasket got thinner, the shock flange would start to make contact with the body thus causing the rattle. With out this gasket there, there would constant be metal to metal contact

Begin with the rear axle, having it as far back as possible, drill holes through the frame to attach the axle blocks to the frame with bolts. Again, drill from the undercarriage up and tighten with a lock nut. After the rear axle is in place, go ahead and put the rear wheels on.

How to Diagnose What is Causing My Front End to Rattle Over Bumps Perform a Bounce Test Before raising and securing the vehicle with a jack and jack stands, press down on the vehicle a few times to mimic a bounce or shaking and listen for where the rattling sound might be.

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