Why is kasey not racing anymore?

Orlando McCullough asked a question: Why is kasey not racing anymore?
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MOORESVILLE, N.C. — Kasey Kahne's NASCAR season and career were cut short in September because of dehydration issues. Ten races into his return to driving sprint cars full-time, he was injured and has not competed since late March. He doesn't know when he'll be able to return… It's the look many NASCAR fans know well.

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Kasey Kahne won that race at Indianapolis. However, following the win, he was too tired to stand. He laid down beside the door of the race car and conducted post race interviews from there. But, since then, things have gotten worse. During the summer months, the conditions are amplified due to air temperatures.

Why did Kasey Kahne quit Nascar? Kasey Kahne’s NASCAR career is officially over. The 17-year NASCAR veteran announced in August that he plans to retire from stock car racing at the end of the 2018 season, in part because of health issues he struggled with behind the wheel this season.

NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne says he is retiring from full-time racing. The 38-year-old Kahne announced his intentions Thursday on Twitter, saying "I'm not sure what the future holds for me, but I'm ...

SPEEDWAY, Ind. – In a Friday conference call with reporters, Kasey Kahne provided greater detail as to why he won’t be racing in Monday’s Big Machine Vodka 400 at the Brickyard.

Kasey Kahne is cutting his farewell season short and retiring from NASCAR Cup racing immediately due to a mysterious health problem that surfaced in September. In August, Kahne announced his plans...

Kasey Kahne is a former stock car racing driver who racked up 18 NASCAR Cup Series wins over a stellar 17-year career. Kahne impressed as a dirt car racer before making the step up into stock cars. He made an immediate impression at Evernham Motorsports, coming in second five times in his rookie season. Kahne’s […]

In 2018, Matt DiBenedetto announced that he would leave Go Fas Racing. At that point, he didn’t have a new ride lined up. He took a leap of faith in search of a better ride. For most of 2018, Kasey Kahne was the pilot for LFR. Surprise health issues required Kahne to jump out of the seat before the end of his farewell season.

He does not have to prove anything to anyone anymore. He did what no other driver could ever do by winning five straight championships. It took the hunger to prove himself to get on that hot ...

Rossi may not have won a single race in 2018, but still finished third overall - competing against riders nearly half his age. Many say he is one of the best GP racers of all time, on a par with ...

He said during that press conference that, at the time, he was trying to balance the books at Chrysler and NASCAR was an expense he could not justify.

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