Will titans and doom patrol crossover?

Joan Walker asked a question: Will titans and doom patrol crossover?
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  • The Doom Patrol team originally debuted in Titans season 1 before spinning off into their own show. Now they'll exist in entirely different universes. That'll no doubt help to explain a lack of crossover since, beyond that one episode, the Doom Patrol and Titans teams have stayed entirely separate.

DC's Doom Patrol and Titans futures confirmed beyond season 3.

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"It’s so hard," Schechter says of making any crossovers happen, because while Doom Patrol films in Atlanta, "Titans shoots in Toronto." "We can do the crossovers on The CW because they’re all in Vancouver and that makes it easier, but it’s still nearly impossible," she adds. "This would be really difficult."

The final episode of the Arrowverse crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths confirmed that Doom Patrol and Titans are set on their own individual Earths. While this was logically apparent after the first season of Doom Patrol , the series had originally started out as a Titans spin-off and it was assumed early on that both shows were set in the same world.

In fact, there are easter eggs that imply they are connected. (Not to mention an entire episode dedicated to the Doom Patrol's introduction.) With that said, do you think Titans will have a crossover with Doom Patrol, possibly in Season 2 or later? I think it could be interesting, especially since both shows are quite popular with fans.

Beast Boy is the important link here, as he moves from 'Doom Patrol' to 'Titans', thereby ensuring more crossovers in the DC universe, somewhere along the lines of the 'Arrowverse'. Another important factor to be noted is the presence of Cyborg in 'Doom Patrol'.

Yes, it is in fact the same universe. Doom Patrol was created before the teen Titans. That's why there's a young version of Beast boy. The Teen Titans first appearance was 1966 versus the Doom Patrol came about in 1963. While DC has cancelled and rebooted both many times. They still remain as fan favorites.

Elsewhere in the interview, Schechter explained that future crossovers between the two shows are also rather unlikely, seeing as how Doom Patrol films in Atlanta and Titans in Toronto. "It was fun to play with those characters, and we wanted to," she explained.

Carver laughs at how his "universe has been Doom Patrol the last 10 months," so creatively he hasn't really been thinking about "the idea of crossovers with the Titans or anything." "They're in the same world," he confirms, but then clarifies.

That'll no doubt help to explain a lack of crossover since, beyond that one episode, the Doom Patrol and Titans teams have stayed entirely separate. Similarly, Swamp Thing was always in a different universe, so it now being set in Earth-19 doesn't come as much of a surprise.

Swamp Thing was a one-season wonder, Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn are off to HBO Max and Stargirl is sure to get a downgrade on its new home of the CW. Titans, soon to have a third season, is still seemingly stuck at its original location, one which may not be long for this world.

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